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Tritan Products is proud to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer. We support the global initiative to minimize the impact of manufacturing on our planet and its fragile ecosystem and we have embraced our responsibility towards shaping a sustainable future. To this end, we are continually taking measures to ensure that we are maximizing our manufacturing efficiency and product quality while minimizing our contribution to the world's solid waste problems.

Our cores and tubes are manufactured from 100 % recycled paperboard and are 100% recyclable themselves. All of our glues are now water-based, which has essentially eliminated all of our volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and solvent waste. Nearly all of the waste products derived during the manufacturing processes are compacted, bailed and shipped out to a consuming facility where they are reused or recycled.

We believe in doing our part to contribute to a Green manufacturing sector. We are continually evaluating the lifecycles of our products to ensure that we are doing the best job we can to minimize to overall impact of our products on the environment.